2021 June 02 Wednesday

There was a promise of sunshine this morning.

Toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs was how we broke our fast.


Since it was Wednesday we went to Grandies*. However, Ella and I were 2/3rd of the attendees. Charlotte, our leader, was the only other person to arrive. The only thing I can think of was that the Monday holiday had everyone confused about what day of the week it was. The three of us sat and visited for nearly an hour before deciding no one was going to join us. I made a motion to adjourn, Ella seconded, and the vote was unanimous in favor.

We wandered along backroads where wildflowers owned the pastures.

There were slow moving streams with mirror surfaces.

Fast moving rivers that overrun the road

Hills with breath talking beauty

Sweeping curves that snake through hills of granite and limestone.

We stopped at KFC/Long John Silvers for lunch. We planned to eat in and enjoy some air conditioning. However, due to being short on staff, the dinning area was closed. So we drove through then ate on the parkinglot.

After eating we went next door to the bathroom.

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