2021 September 15

We had sacks, bags, and egg cartons to drop off at Operation Liberty Hill this morning.
Ella felt the Thrift Store pulling her in. My goal was to make a hole in the stuff in the apartment. I believe her goal is to refill that hole. Really, all she purchased (that I know of) was a purse. And she did need it. The one she has been using was coming apart and she doesn’t know where her other purses are.


Heading on downhill on the south side of Main Street we come to the Feed Store. I was only in the store a couple of times because we had no livestock or pets. However, I remember that inside the display window, on occasions, there would be baby chickens. Going in the door you came immediately to the sales counter. Behind that counter were rows of shelves with bags and containers of various animal feeds. The air was loaded with a bouquet of grain scents mixed with the iodine from the stack of pinkish salt blocks. Outside to the east was a small vacant lot, maybe ten to twenty feet wide. It is hard to be certain because spaces always seemed bigger when I was smaller. The only remarkable feature of this space was a burn barrel where trash was disposed of. It is the nature of boys to poke around in such treasure troves as burn barrels. (Remind me to tell you of the one behind the locker) One such adventure I discovered dead chicks … except one wasn’t dead. I went inside the feed store and asked of I could have the one live baby chicken. I was told, “No, there was something wrong with them, which is why they are in the barrel.” Then he did a remarkable thing. He went to the window, scooped up a chick and put it in a box that had nice round holes in it. With a big grin, he handed me the box. I was very surprised but remembered to thank him. I made a beeline for home. (I’ll tell you the rest of that story later.)


God bless and goodnight

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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