2021 November 19

Today Ella and I arrived at the mall before 10:30 to begin our first shift of the season. The day was slow to say the least but we still managed to do a little over $500 worth of photos. I had more Santa visits than that, they just didn’t turn into photographs.

Ella had not been logged on to the timekeeping system. So this evening Madison, the Regional manager, came by and got her hooked up so that she will get paid for working the days she works.

It was nice to get hugs again, I really missed those last year. I only had one real screamer today. I had another that nearly squirmed out of my grasp, after her picture was taken. I had one “good sized” young man, late 20s early 30s, who sat on my lap for a photo and to ask for a goldfish. I warned him to not set the fishbowl I direct sunlight

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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