2019 November 17 Sunday

2019 November 17 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

Light winds, cool temperatures, limited vertical mixing, and increased relative humidity could enhance urban fine particulate.
| OBSERVATIONS | Temperature 52° | Feels like 52° | So far today 68°/42,° | Yesterday 62°/31°

THE sun rose bright but it was still shining through the smoky haze* caused by the fires to our south. All in all I prefer a smoky haze to those grey overcast days of this past week.

Pastor John Saint’s sermon for today at Cross Tracks Church, “By Your Endurance

FROM church we drove to Longhorn Steakhouse in Georgetown. Ella and I both had the flatiron steak, her’s medium rare, mine rare. It was good but not quite as good as I expected from a “steakhouse”. The flat iron cut is such a good piece of meat that all it takes is some fire and salt and pepper … maybe a little garlic.

AFTER lunch we drove to the laundromat in Leander. Ella did the laundry while I napped. I helped load the machines, added the soap, quarters, and pushed the start button, but she did the rest.

WE drove home from the laundromat with a stop at the church to pick up some building stones. These are from our fellowship hall. It was destroyed in fire last spring. I’m using some of the stones as a barrier at the edge of our parking area at the Stocktank RV park. Ella has a craft project in mind for three of the stones. We also stopped at Parker’s Corner Market for some milk before getting back to our home site.

IT turned out to be a nice day. Any day that you drive with the windows down in mid-November, is a good day.

God bless and g’nite.

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  • Day 48 in our Texas home

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