2020 April 28 Tuesday

In Liberty Hill, Texas

Welcome to our daily journal. Share it with a friend.www.TomAndEllaJournal.com The sky had a big fuzzy looking white ball in between clouds. Isn’t there a song about marshmallow skies? Yes. Google has the lyrics as recorded by Ricky Nelson, but they make no sense to me, so I’ll not quote then here..Dancing flowers video 21 seconds long..After breakfast we took a drive. Our only destination was to return home. Beyond that, every decision was made on a turn by turn basis. We had three reasons for the drive. Number one, and perhaps the only legitimate reason, Rudolf the red nose pickup had spent a lot of time sitting still. Even when driven, it was for short trips. I needed to blow the cobwebs out and charge the battery. The other reason was to get us out of the trailer for awhile. The last reason was to buy eggs. So, you could say that we drove one hundred and three miles to buy eggs at the store which is six miles away. (For my kidsthat would be called a Grandpa Wilson shortcut)

Ella posted: We just stopped at Parker’s Grocery for eggs. As I sat in the truck watching people come and go, I notice none of these people were wearing masks. What’s wrong with people? Don’t they believe that our world has a problem. We want to be free again and to go back to living our lives. But for that to happen, we have to do our part. That is to try to stop the spread. Whether we like it or not, wearing the masks will help stop the spread. If we can stop the spread we can get back to living our lives.

  • This is how you look after preparing and serving 256 meals in 30 minutes – which is 8.5 meals a minute 😵
  • Note: the woman are still in the kitchen cleaning 😉
  • Huge thank you to our Manna Meal Volunteers!

(This was posted on Facebook about our home church in Iowa, Union Park United Methodist Church Church. What a fantastic ministry. Way to go guys and gals.)Eighty seven that feels like ninety one. However, I sat outside for nigh on to two hours and was quite comfortable..I took a great big bite outta this nice lookin’ apple. And lo and behold, it’s rotten inside. Rotten to the core. Ewww! And so, Class, the lesson here is, “appearances can be deceiving.” This may end up being used in one of my devotions..

This video doesn’t exist

Thanks again for stopping by. See y’all again tomorrow.
  • God bless and g’day.
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Day 211, in Texas.©2020 Thomas E WilliamsDays being self isolated

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