2020 July 25 What Got Your Goat?

Saturday Think It’ll Rain,?

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Yesterday’s post was titled “Battling the Sun”. Well, look at the sky … I won!!! And, looking at the ten day forecast, Sol will not be showing his face for awhile.As reported by CBS News, Hanna was upgraded from a tropical storm to a hurricane Saturday as it continued to barrel toward Texas, becoming the first hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, according to the National Hurricane Center.And some of those tons of water, that Hanna is sucking out of the gulf, will be blown our way.

CNN reported that “Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s and CVS vowed not to endanger their employees by asking them to enforce a mask policy.

I‘m sorry to say that an unenforceable rule or a non-enforced rule are not rules, they are suggestions. The sign on their front doors should read something like “Masks are required for entry into this establishment. This rule strictly enforced! Unless you refuse and then, well, come on in any way.I honestly understand that these retailers do not wish to endanger their employees, or risk litigation, by requiring them to enforce the “No mask, no entry” rule. However, some employees are paid to do just that, they are called “Security.” Rather than a “Greeter” at the door, post an honest-to-God security person to enforce the rule … or do away with the rule. It can’t logically go both ways. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Mask – NO SERVICE.

Be safe – Be Considerate – Wear A Mask

Our caladium is looking healthier. I don’t know if it’s due to being moved into a shadier spot, or because Ella has been watering it more often.We had visitors this morning. The groundskeepers arrived to do some trimming of the bushes and around the edges of the roads and fence rows.They are very diligent workers who just put their heads down and get to work. Plus they need no supervision. In fact they ignore any attempt to be supervised, or guided in any way.


Inactivity occupies all our time now days. It’s our new hobby. The best thing about this hobby may be how cheap it is.There are absolutely no supplies to buy. There’s no need for knives, needles, or pliers; no strings, chains, or ropes; no glues, brushes, or paints. No need of special shoes, Do Gi, or yoga pants; no crouching crow, high patting horse, or bow stance to learn. We don’t need clubs, bats, or balls.Wow! If I total all the things I DO NOT need, I can probably buy the one piece of equipment that I really need … a recliner!


The only green is around this tree, that I’ve been wateringElla posted:

It smells so good. Fresh rain is so nice especially when it’s so dry and crunchy brown.

I’m sure she didn’t mean we had dry and crunchy rain. It was the grass that was, and still is, dry and crunchy.Ella continued:

We’ve been awaiting for a good hurricane.* We finally have it. I think we want to hold on to it (rain) for a while.

*See July 22nd’s post about a “Good hurricane”.

God bless and g‘day.

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