2020 July 26

Sunday The Lord’s Day

Welcome, family and friends to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of connection for you.

While in bed this morning, we attended two church services. Union Park United Methodist Church, in Des Moines Iowa, started at 9:30 and was sermon and scriptures only. Cross Tracks Church in Liberty Hill, Texas, started at 10 and was a full service music.At the head of our bed is the best place to get a cell phone connection. That’s why we were in bed for both of those services through Facebook.We had steak, potatoes, corn, and dried pitted plums for lunch. The potatoes and corn were cooked at the same time in the instant pot.As the steam was releasing from pressure cooking the potatoes and corn, I started the George Foreman grill heating. Once it was hot, I grilled our steak for 3 minutes. It came out a very nice medium rare. I had seasoned it with salt, pepper, and soy sauce. Before grilling, I trimmed the band of suet from the beef steak. As the steak cooked, it smelled so good, as did the corn in the instapot steam. The colors looked so pretty on the plate, red potatoes, golden corn, and perfectly charred steak.The oh-so-good pitted plums were part of a “care package” sent from our granddaughter.I told Ella the only thing wrong with the steak was, I didn’t have another couple in the refrigerator.While we were eating lunch, a brief rain shower passed through. I’m not sure where it came from or where it went. It didn’t show up on radar. Do you suppose it was flying under the radar? Stealth rain?We had a huge supper of toast. Okay, I guess it wasn’t that big after all. However, with a larger lunch, we didn’t feel the need to have much for supper.
.As long as we were at the table eating our toast, we broke out the Fast Track game.God bless and g‘day.

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