2020 August 23


Welcome, family and friends, to Our Daily Journal, a remembrance for us and a point of connection for you.

  • Ol‘ Sol has definitely progressed southward. He is now coming up behind those power poles. Soon he will be over to the pole on the right side of the picture.

  • Wow! Look how cool it was this morning. I couldn’t wait to open the door. It reached a high of 93° and remained in the 90s until after sundown.

  • We began attending Cross Tracks Church live through their Facebook page. However, Ella received an important phone call this morning, (more about The call below) which interrupted the live streaming. We went back later and watched the video. If you would like, you may view it HERE. My take away from the sermon was, get right with your neighbor to get right with God.
  • (The call) was John calling from Iowa to speak with Ella about when and how much or how little help he my be with clearing out the storage units. He has arthritis in his back and it has really been bothering him lately. He said he would not be able to be there Sunday, but would be there Monday (which is Labor Day). I’m assuming that he will need to be back to work on Tuesday, which HAS TO BE our last day.
  • Tuesday the 8th is the last day that we have paid for the units. Plus Arik and Jenny have to be back to work in Texas, which is a thirteen to fifteen hour drive.

Thanks again for stopping by. Share this with your friends. See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. Remember, we love you.

  • God bless and g’day.
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