2020 October 06 Games With Friends


Welcome, family and friends, to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of connection for you.

  • This morning Ella and I discovered that we did not know where the vitamins and supplements, that we purchased yesterday, were. I thought she had put them away. She though I had.
  • Thinking that, possibly, they had not been carried in from the truck, I double checked the truck and found nothing.
  • At this point, I checked yesterday’s receipt. They were not listed. Apparently they had not been added to the original order, but had generated a separate order to be picked up an hour after the main order.
  • After several unsuccessful attempts to phone Wal-Mart, we just went there.

  • Before reaching Wal-Mart, we stopped at Jiffy Lube for an oil change. Rudolf was at the 5,000 mile mark since his last filter and fluids change.
  • Once that was done, we proceeded to Wal-Mart and parked in the pickup area. I got the attention of one of the worker bees. I explained to Dave what had happened. He went through the blue door and returned minutes later with our missing items.

  • At this point, we had forty minutes before we were due at our friends home. Also it was past lunch time. The first attempt was at McDonalds. However, the drive up lane nearly formed a complete circle around the building. We drove on, passing on Bush’s Chicken and landing instead in a stall at Sonics.

We spent the afternoon playing Fast Track with Bill and Karen. The women folk beat us three to one. A lot of conversation ensued. This is the most time we have spent with anyone outside of family in eight months. It was fun and good for our souls.The setting sun peering through a live oak.God bless and g‘day.

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