2020 October 15


Welcome, family and friends, to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of connection for you.

It was more than hazy. It was overcast and cloudy at day’s start. The sun only peeked through a couple of times today. But It was enough to reach 84°

  • For breakfast I made French toast with pumpkin pie spice. I didn’t use this spice because it’s October and you can buy almost anything flavored with pumpkin spices. I used it because I always use it in French toast.

  • Today’s study of “A DISCIPLE’S PATH” asked, Think of one of the most hotly contested issues of the day as it relates to Christianity. Write below how you feel about it and why:
  • Certainly the acceptance or rejection of homosexuality is being hotly debated in our culture, communities, and churches. Take as evidence the pending separation or dissolution of the United Methodist Church.
  • A little over a year ago, Pastor John Saint’s sermon caused a major rift in our own congregation at Cross Tracks Church.
  • I wasn’t here to hear it. (I was preaching my last sermon in Iowa that Sunday), but what I heard others say was that this congregation was going to embrace homosexuals in the congregation and positions of authority, and if you didn’t accept it, leave.
  • This was upsetting to the point that some families did leave. John went through training and counseling and left (or was asked to leave) this appointment. As I understand it, he is currently on a sabbatical from the ministry.
  • Personally, I see nothing in the 10 Commandments pro or con on the subject. Since these are the only words directly written by or dictated by God. I have to think that it wasn’t of importance to Him.
  • As to those who quote from the law of Moses, unless they also live by the other 612 Mosaic laws it seems hypocritical to nitpick on those few to the disregard of the others.
  • As to my personal view, I don’t understand why a man would want to be with another man. However, at the same time, I’m not sure why women want to be with a man.
  • I’ve known and befriended gay men and woman who in every other aspect are no different than people in general.
  • As my default setting, i try to love as Jesus loves – unconditionally.
  • Everyone will stand before the Lord and give an account of their lives. I believe all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, but those who confess with their lips and believe in their hearts that Jesus is Lord will be saved.

  • Salmon patties were what I fixed for lunch. I usually add crushed crackers to these. However, I had none. I crushed Cheerios using the mortar and pestle I added some spices but I forgot to add egg. Then I baked them in muffin cups. Not surprising, they kinda fell apart. Still tasted good.
  • Eating salmon is something I do very-very rarely because it can cause the gout to flare up. That’s something I can do without.
  • From MAYOCLINIC.ORG “Gout is a common and complex form of arthritis that can affect anyone. It’s characterized by sudden, severe attacks of pain, swelling, redness and tenderness in the joints, often the joint at the base of the big toe.

  • An attack of gout can occur suddenly, often waking you up in the middle of the night with the sensation that your big toe is on fire. The affected joint is hot, swollen and so tender that even the weight of the sheet on it may seem intolerable.”

  • Amen to that. That describes exactly my first attack. I woke and pulled the sheet across my big toe. I have had multiple broken bones and a heart attack. Other than a kidney stone, I’ve never felt pain more severe than the gout.

  • Speaking of pain, Ella and I walked to the mailbox and back, this afternoon. No, Ella was not the pain and neither was the walk – mostly. The VA sent a shipment of pain pills.

God bless and g‘day.

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