2020 October 26


Welcome, family and friends, to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of contact for you.

  • Yesterday, in the gloom of the morning, I removed the reflecting bubblewrap type insulation from two of our westward facing windows. Windows and door were open and it was very comfortable.
  • About four o’clock we left to go to the Trunk or Treat event at Cross Tracks Church.
  • With the door shut, and the afternoon sun streaming through those windows, it was very warm when we returned home after seven o’clock.
  • It was still very warm by the time we went to bed last night. I was having trouble going to sleep, so I turned the air conditioning on. It didn’t run long the air through the open windows was cool enough.
  • About 11 a.m. it was 52°and breezy. We had the door open and blanket throws over us in our chairs.
  • Since it was so cool, I baked blueberry muffins to go with breakfast. I don’t want to run the oven when it is hot out.

Before 1:30 the thermometer had lost ground – not good if it’s going to make it to the predicted 73°. I closed the door and one window.By four o’clock it had dropped to 44 that felt like 39°. That’s when I decided to plug in the heated water hose that brings water to the RV. I also started the electric fireplace. I came to realize that the 73° high for the day was at one minute past midnight VERY early this morning.Niece Kara called this morning (from Iowa) to say she had spent the night in her new (to her) travel trailer. She needs to get insulated skirting around the base of the trailer. But it keeps snowing. They have had 3 snow events, including a snow squall, so far this year in October.Sorry that this part is all about the weather.

  • God bless and g‘day.
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  • ©2020 Thomas E. Williams


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