2020 November 13 Fog & Frybread


Welcome, family and friends, to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of contact for you.

No sunrise through the clouds and fog, it was just a lot of gray on gray alli through the morning. The day started off chilly and breezy so the door remained shut until around ten o’clock. After that we had the door open until about three. By then the sun had come out and was pumping heat through our west facing windows. Those shades were dropped, the door shut and the a/c on.

Fry bread Friday. Because the day began bleak and chilled, I first thought that I would bake some bread. But Ella had purchased a large loaf of bread when she. picked up her meds the other day. So I decided to make frybread instead. We are some with honey as a midmorning snack. Our late lunch was spaghetti with meat sauce. The fry bread went well with that also. I may pop a couple in the toaster tomorrow morning – just to warm them, for breakfast.

God bless and g’nite


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Today 78° – 56°
Yesterday 80° – 55°
Average 69° – 51°The rebuilding of the church’s preschool has begun.

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