2020 November 17


Welcome, family and friends, to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of contact for you.

Believe it or not, these are photos of the star lit sky of early morning. Oh if only my camera could see as the human eye does. Perhaps, if you are viewing this on a large enough screen in a dark enough room, you may see some stars.

We slept warm, burrowed into nests of blankets and comforter. Like deep sea divers, our cpap machines delivering air to the depths of blankets, quilt, and pillows.It was after six o’clock this morning that I turned on the heater and then scurried back to my den of coverings. And snuggled closer to my den mate.Later still I rose to heat the coffee and warm the oven in preparation for baking biscuits. Feeling too lazy to roll and cut biscuits, I made drop biscuits instead. When it came time to eat, I regretted not taking time to roll and cut. Drop biscuits are just so crumbly.

Reflections on being Santa in the time of Covid: Where is the joy?

What joy will the children receive in visiting Santa when they can’t sit on his lap and whisper their Christmas wish? Or even see his face.

What joy will Santa have when he and children are masked and smiles can not be shared? When Santa it’s only a prop for the photo, he might as well be a cardboard cutout.

What joy will parents have to receive photos of masked faces to remind them of Christmas 2020, the joyless year?

It’s nearly enough to send Santa into depression.

I made it to the mall to check out the Santa set and my suits. If you read yesterday’s post, you know that I was skeptical about the shirts fitting. Three of the four shirts had sleeves 2″ too short. But at least I have suits. I hope that Santa John has a suit with him, because there was no suits for him here.We had an all around busy day. Yesterday I said, “Tomorrow we may get some free produce at one of the churches in Leander.” Well today ours yesterday’s tomorrow and we did get some free produce from 2 churches. That’s good ’cause now I’ll have fruit to take for my lunchbreaks.I already mentioned going to the mall.We also stopped at the pharmacy and got Ella’s prescription. This is one she hasn’t had for a month.I’m tired. I will be back tomorrowGod bless and g’nite


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