2020 November 19


Welcome, family and friends, to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of contact for you.

Indeed the day began hazy and overcast. There was also a slight ghost of a fog crawling along the low spots, trying to hide in the shadows.

  • It took many hours for the sun to fight his way through the suffocating clouds.
  • I don’t know which combatant enlisted the wind. Perhaps neither. Perhaps the wind was merely fleeing the battle in the heavens. Whatever brought the wind, it came. It came through the open windows, making flags of curtains. Indeed it presented lighter decorations with the gift of flight. Though they flew no further than the floor.
  • At last the sun was victorious and sent the clouds into full retreat. However, delayed as he was in overtaking the sky, the sun managed only a weak showing that raised the temperature barely above mid seventy degrees.

  • Due to Covid-19, we have abandoned our wandering ways and become full-time Texans. With that change came the need to find a local dentist (or two). I had x-rays and photos taken of my mouth as well as a thorough cleaning. I was praised for how well I care for my teeth. (Little do they know)
  • Ella, on the other hand was invited to return after the Thanksgiving holiday. She knew going into it that she would need with correcting of her dentures. On her next visit, they will be discussing long term plans for her teeth and or dentures.

After leaving the dentists, we made a short side trip to the church. We wanted to see how construction was proceeding on rebuilding the preschool building. It still stands in it’s bare bone stage. We noticed that work was being done in the worship center servings floor area. All three buildings of the church campus are undergoing construction.Do you recall yesterday’s post about my biting into what I thought was a pear, only to discover that it was a type of squash known as chayote. Today for lunch, I skinned them, cubed them, boiled them, and mashed them. Served with butter, salt and pepper, they were quite good. Possibly my new second favorite squash behind the spaghetti squash.My new masks arrived today. Not only will they help slow the spread of viruses, they will help disguise my Santaness as I go in and out of the mall.God bless and g’nite


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  • All content (except quotations) ©2020 Thomas E. Williams

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