2020 November 22


Welcome, family and friends, to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of contact for you.

This is a crescent moon. But for some reason the camera filled in the dark area and made it look like a full moon. Or maybe it was the hazy fog that caused the distortion.

After taking the photo of the early morning noon, I went back to sleep until quartet past seven.Another gray day start.Arriving at the mall at 11:31 and finding the outside doors were locked, I tried calling Melissa. I hoped she was already in the mall and could come and let me in. However, she was running late and she kept talking and not listening to what I was trying to say. I finally hung up. I called her back and told her to stop talking and listen. I was then able to let her know that the mall was locked and I was not able to get in. She said she was going to call Sergio, but she was also on her way. I don’t know what she expected the district managed to do about the doors.After a Google search I found the phone number for mall security. When I told him that the doors were locked, he replied that they were supposed to be locked until twelve noon. I explained that I needed to get in and ready for work at twelve. I was told were to find an unlocked service entrance.I made my way through the “Jefferies Tubes” (Star Trex fans will understand) to the storeroom-dressing room-break room. I had a key to unlock the gate but had no idea how to get the lights on. So, I dressed by the light of my cellphone. I was just getting my boots on when Melissa arrived. (Which means the mall doors were now unlocked) Needless to say we were a little late getting the Santa set up and running.Mike got the equipment running while Sarah I straightened things on the set.

Here I am, masked and ready.This little girl stood like this (but facing me) when we talked about her Christmas wish, her school, and so forth. When they first took Her picture, they had her sit, hands in lap, and ankles crossed – the typically photo. I said, “Wait a minute.” I then had her stand like this facing the camera. I then I copied the pose. Mom was delighted. I asked permission to have and use the photo.God bless and g’nite


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