2021 January 09

Saturday, January 09, 2021

Breakfast included bacon eggs and toast. You know, the usual. However, this morning it also included a Nutrigrain bar. These were a gift from Santa. Santa Aaron left these behind when he left for Idaho I Christmas Eve Eve.

Three games of Fast Track were played after breakfast. Ella won two.

Cheddar broccoli soup for lunch, thick and hearty. Yumm

I am very concerned about our nation and our world. The world wide pandemic has affected millions of people directly. And billions of people indirectly. Jobs have been lost. Businesses and whole industries have been lost or crippled.

When major disruptions happen, people begin to look for someone to blame. This bothers me to no end. Throughout history leaders have risen to power by giving the masses a scapegoat. Think Hitler blaming Germany’s problems on the Jews.

The riots that have taken place during the past year. And the recent events in Washington D.C. are evidence of a vast unrest that is ripe for the right/wrong person or group to give focus and aim to this social agitation.

I pray for cooler calmer heads to prevail before society dissolves into mob rule and chaos.


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