2021 March 26

My prescription was ready for pickup this afternoon. Therefore we took a little drive. More or less across the road from the pharmacy is Andy’s Frozen Custard. We discovered that Andy’s hot fudge sundies with salted pecan halves are fat superior to the hot fudge served by Dairy Queen. That came as a surprise to both Ella and me.
On the way home, I tried a different route. It didn’t work out and we had to backtrack a bit. That didn’t bother us. We just found one way that doesn’t work.
Sometimes I will purposefully take an unknown way and then ask Google’s navigation to find a way through without taking us back the way we came. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I’m still waiting for the app voice to say, “You got yourself into this mess. Now get yourself out.

Ella had been reading some “detective” books thirds week. They are written by a local writer whip sets his stories in real places in central Texas. The last book had events happening in Liberty Hill.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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