2021 April 08

By early afternoon it was 88°, bright, and sunny. I’d forgotten that it was foggy this morning. Then, later in the afternoon, it began to cloud over again.

In the bedroom closet, a second higher shelf was added. That will be Ella’s while I use the lower. Just kidding. 😀 All of our longer garments (her dresses and my Santa suits) will be hung on the raised shelf in the coat closet.

FINALLY! those ridiculously low clothes rods finally are taken care of. There were so many things that couldn’t be hung because the rods were so low and the clothes to long.

While the maintenance supervisor was here working on the closets, we had him check the refrigerator. It leaks water from the freezer onto the top shelf of the refrigerator. He discovered something wrong with the defroster function. Since it is under warranty, he called for a factory repair person.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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