2021 September 13

It reached 85° this afternoon. It would cloud over and look like it could rain. But never did. Both of us spent some time sitting on the patio enjoying being outside. Unfortunately at different times.


I mixed up some fry-bread for breakfast (and snacks)

While Ella did laundry this morning, Tom went to Wal-Mart to retrieve her medications and fill the truck with gasoline. And them I sold the aluminum cans for $6.75. The Money goes into the Grandies account.

I drove interstate 35 to Wilco recycling in Jarrell but took Ronald Reagan boulevard back. It only took about 3 minutes lounger on the back road.


Attached to Short’s was the Movie House. Yes, this tiny town was remarkable because every Saturday, during the summer, there were matinee movies. I sat through endless black and white serials such as Batman, Rocket Man, Captain Marvel (not the Marvel Comics version but the original that is now a DC Comics version known as Shazam), cowboys and Indians, jungle adventures, spies, and others. Each short episode ending with a cliffhanger. Heros were always heroes and bad guys always lost, but not until they had put the good guys in peril of their lives. There were evening movies also that parents could attend with their children.


I wouldn’t say it was a beautiful sunset, but it sure was interesting. God bless and goodnight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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