2023 April 27


TODAY at Morning Coffee Joe, Don, Andrea, an, Sandi, Fran, Dora, Ella, and I were present, just not all at the same time. Last night’s storm was the main topic of discussion this morning. Evidently it was a loud and lightning infused storm. Ella I slept through it. We knew that there was a tornado watch for the area but since we aren’t living in a trailer anymore it doesn’t concern us as much.

DAY 74°. Partly cloudy this morning then clearing. Highs in the upper 70s. Northwest winds around 10 mph with guests up to 20 mph. NIGHT 58°. Clear. Much cooler with Lows in the mid 50s. East winds 5 to 10 mph becoming South after midnight.


Some of the gang making sure we all get free.
Today’s special Spaghetti

WE had thirty three present for lunch and games at OTHG. There were three new members today also. Two of them, Sarahann and Yonnie sat with Ella and I at lunch. They both stayed to play Bingo after lunch. I didn’t meet the other new member. Other than Bingo there were also games of 42 and 5 Crowns. Plus a couple of tables of folks just enjoying each other’s company.


YESTERDAY Ella and I went to Jenny and Arik’s home and picked some kitchen supplies that they didn’t want to move to their new home.

THIS morning we re-gifted Over The Hill Gang with napkins, plastic glasses, and plastic silverware. Thanks J&A.


TODAY the apartment management hosted a Spring Photo Shoot.
They had two backdrops.
The one in the top photo is designed
to look like a large multi paned window
with flowing shrubs outside.
That picture was taken with their Polaroid.

The background of the second backdrop
shows sunlight through lush green trees.
That photo is a selfie with my smart phone.


My sleep patterns for the last 3 days

04/25 7 hours 3 minutes of sleep. No REM sleep.
Awake 2 hours 8 minutes.
04/26 4 hours 43 minutes of sleep. No REM sleep.
Awake 1 hours 33 minutes.
04/27 4 hours 38 minutes of sleep.No REM sleep. Awake 56 minutes.

My Blood Pressure 115/76, Pulse 79, O² 100%, Steps 1085, Distance .51 miles,


Ella called bingo tonight using a bingo calling app on her smart phone and routing it through a Bluetooth speaker.


©2023 Thomas E Williams

“To go Bags” on wheels

AFTER I had posted this Journal report, at close to midnight, the fire alarms at the apartments went off. Ella and I grabbed our “TO GO BAGS” and went out to our car.

OTHER people also came outside while others just stayed in their rooms or gathered in the lobby area.

THE firetrucks and EMS arrived in less than 15 minutes from the alarm’s beginning. One of the first things that they did was silence the alarms.

THIS fireman talked to this crowd for quite awhile. I stayed sitting in the car so didn’t hear what was said, but I’ll get the report from Ella who was in the group.

THE police arrived shortly thereafter.

JUST after 12:30 they issued the all clear false alarm and left.

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