2019 November 10 Sunday

2019 November 10 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

51° at 7:00a and mostly sunny. Going for a high of 71°.

A little warmth for today before we take another dive beneath the freezing line.

Sun 72° | 49° Partly Cloudy

Mon 63° | 28° 50% Chance Rain Showers

Tue 42° | 28° Partly Cloudy

Good news though, we will not be remaining below freezing. It’ll just be a couple of nights. After all, we still have about 6 weeks ’til winter officially begins. And only 44 days until Christmas. Got your shopping done?

Have you considered foregoing an extravagance or two and donating cash, time, or talent to help the less fortunate? There are many good charities and some not so good. Before you give money, find or what percentage goes to those in need and how much goes for salaries and organizational costs. Personally I like UMCOR because 100% of my gift reaches the mission or ministry of my choice. All salaries etc. are paid by the people of the United Methodist Church.

More good news, the sun came out from under the clouds today. Hello, Sunshine, where’ve ya been?

Pastor John Saint’s sermon for today was taken from the same section of scripture (Luke 20:27-38) that will post tomorrow on my Musings Devotions blog. He titled his “God of the Living” and my devotion is titled “My Father’s Business”. This should be posted by 5 a.m. Monday November 11, 2019.

God bless and g’nite.

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  • Day 41 in our Texas home

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