2021 March 05

These little dohickies are needed to hold a wire shelving unit together. I needed to disassemble the shelves to transport them to the apartment. Unfortunately several of them were broken and or lost in the process. How do you order replacement thingamabobs if you don’t know what they’re called? Well, you take a photo of them and use Google Lens to identify and find them. Order placed and parts on the way. I still don’t know what they’re called.

I had a hankering for some cookies. So I made some this afternoon. Santa’s favorite food group.

I had received a summons to appear for jury duty – in Iowa I went online a gave them my address in Texas. This email was their response.

The more stuff we unpack, the more stuff that needs to be cleaned or laundered. Ella has kept the washer and dryer busy the last few weeks.

We returned some bedding items that Jenny had loaned us. We stayed for just a little while and returned home to the setting sun.

STEPS 3101 / 1.4 miles

©2021Thomas E Williams

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