2020 $eptember 23 Can I trust my watch?


Welcome, family and friends to our daily journal. Share it with your friends. It is a way of remembrance for us and a point of connection for you.

  • Looked like another cool, moist, overcast day. The air was full of moisture, but it never quite turned into the predicted drizzle.

  • Fried bread, bacon, and egg for breakfast. And we remembered to take our handful of meds also.
  • Ella and I have our birth certificates and marriage license (to prove that Ella is no longer Ella XXXXXXXX, but is now Ella Williams) with these and our truck license information (proof of residence), we can get our drivers licences. That will make us official Texans. Then we can get registered to vote in TEXAS.
  • Also, we’ve been apartment shopping. Along with the ones that Jenny had found on our behalf, hopefully something will open before the snow flys. 😁. 3 apartments we looked at are in Burnet. This is farther from Liberty Hill than we WANT to be. But only half as far as LAMPASAS.
  • Ella also wants everyone to know that she was right and I was wrong: everything we brought from Iowa (excluding what is stored at Arik and Jenny’s) does fit in the shed on our RV SITE.
  • We are muscle sore and bone weary, but we’re alive and kicking — just not kicking very high. Now it’s time to sit in the recliner for a while.
  • Ella posted: I finished getting the things from Iowa stored. We have a large bag to go to Operation Liberty Hill. Tom has a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow. Then we will go and see if we can get drivers licenses. It would be nice to get them before November. We’ve continued to look for apartments but the ads are very misleading. To me cheap is not $1500 or more. Independent living is not assisted living.

  • Somehow I walked over half a mile today. 3,455 steps? Let’s see, I walked to the mailbox to ship my broken phone back to Verizon, or wherever. I really didn’t read anything on the package other than, “postage prepaid if shipped within the United States”.
  • And since I had no reason to hang around the mailboxes, I walked home again. That seemed the reasonable thing to do. That must have been the point six miles. But where that mile came from? I’ve no idea.
  • Our trailer is only thirty five feet long. How many times would I have to go back and forth to walk that mile? But I’m sure that the biometrics in my watch wouldn’t lie to me.
  • It always tells me the correct time — doesn’t it? Every other clock in our home is set by my watch. What if it has been lying to me? What if it has been telling me p.m. time in the a.m.?
  • Well, it’s after eleven — I guess. So I’m going to bed — after I set my alarm, that is. Wish me luck.

God bless and g‘day.

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