2021 February 08

Monday, February 08, 2021
It reached 73° by 5p.m.
Fog! I’m glad I had nowhere to to this morning

Oatmeal for breakfast. I like a lot of oats in my oatmeal and I don’t like them cooked until slimy. I eat mine with a dab of butter. Ella likes her’s with milk. Both of us like brown sugar.

Hills at Leander said that they found something on my background report that would disqualify me. So I took them a copy of my background check from October. I get one every year before being Santa at the mall.

It is one of those things that I deal with because it its such a common name. I’ve run into problems before because of other Thomas Williams. If you search my name on Facebook, you’ll find at least 46. That doesn’t include ones you’d find under Tom Williams.

The name is so common that, as a hobby, when I’m in a new town, I check the local phonebook (remember those?) to see how many times my name appeared there.

Due to our unexpected need to clear my name at the apartment complex, the lunch that I had begin preparing, was halted and placed in the refrigerator.
Because it was now nearly 1:30 and would be closer to 2:30-3:00, before we returned home and finished preparing what was supposed to be our lunch – – – we drove through In and Out Burger.
To my recollection, over never had these before. Theirs is a very limited menu, burgers, fries, soft drinks, or shakes. They were good enough. Better than burgers at DQ, in my opinion.

Another “burning Bush” sunset.
Glucose 10:30 after eating 214.
I walked nearly a mile by one device and nearly three miles by another. Unfortunately, the lower estimate is probably closer to accurate.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 February 07

Sunday, February 07, 2021

It reached 67°. It was a beautiful day to sit outside. Which is what we did at church this afternoon. Ella, Charlotte, and I accepted donations as people dropped them off. We were much busier than I expected to be on super bowl Sunday

Today was communion Sunday. Since there is no in-person gathering permitted, we attended church online. And had communion with what we had on hand, pita bread and pomegranate blueberry juice.

Many Many Fast Track games were played.

Donations for Operation Liberty Hill

The first Sunday of each month, the Grandies (elderly) Group at our church collects food and other items for or local food pantry and through style. We also collect empty ink cartridges and aluminum cans.

Charlotte’s little SUV, with the seats folded down, is fully stacked with donations of food, clothing, and miscellaneous for Operation Liberty Hill.

We received a nice haul of aluminum cans also. Unfortunately, without our truck being empty, we weren’t able to take then home with us. There they sit, stacked against the worship center. Ella sent a text to the pastor so she’d know why the cans are there. Once we have an apartment and can unload the truck, we’ll take the cans to the metal reclamation center.

The sun was approaching the horizon as we returned home this afternoon.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

2021 February 06

Saturday, February 06, 2021
Along about 2:30 the temperature was 71° with sustained winds of 20mph and gusts of 30+. It was startling when they slammed the door shut.
By late morning we had nearly clear blue skies.
The only thing of interest that happened today was my niece posing photos out my mothers birth certificate and my father’s will.
Tested at 9:00 A.M.

2021 February 05

Friday, February 05, 2021
It was only 40° outside temperature and not much warmer inside as we reluctantly left the warmth of the bed.

One of the first things I did was turn on the electric fireplace. It does a surprisingly good job of keeping the RV warm.

It has been raining off and on. However, it appears it’ll end soon. It did end very quickly. And left behind a surprise.

When I went out to take the morning photos, I was surprised to find sleet on the deck and lawn furniture. I guess that last heavy rain, wasn’t rain at all.

This third photo was taken two hours AFTER the first two photos. It is paradoxically both darker and sunnier.

And of course we played many rounds of Feast Track.

The setting sun wears a tree as a crown.


2021 February 04

Thursday, February 04, 2021

All of these woolly sheep shape clouds quickly ran and hid from the mourning sun.

We slept a little late and were in a slight rush to get to the dentist. I made breakfast sandwiches of sausage, egg, and cheese,

Our first stop for the day was the dentist, to have Ella’s crown installed. Now that she has the crown. The following is my symmetry of what Ella told me. Next Thursday she will have another crown and a tooth repaired. This in preparing for getting a new plate or repaired plate. (It’s much more convoluted of an answer to post it as Ella spoke it.)

The apartment manager needed to rework some of the paperwork that we had filled out last Friday. They also needed the social security award letter. I had a copy of mine on the phone. I emailed it to her as soon as I found it. Ella’s was a tad more complicated. First, we set up a new account — that took a l-o-n-g time. Who new how hard it would be to find a user name that wasn’t already I use?!!! Once the account was created, it was quite simple to find the awards letter and forward it to the manager. Whew!

Since it was late, we stopped at Subway for our lunch/supper.

This was a very close game.

2021 February 03

Wednesday, February 03, 2021
It reached a high of 73°
The Day Star burning brightly inn the morning sky.
Scrambled eggs, pancakes, and beacon. Yum.
Morning dishes done.
Time for lots of rounds of Fast Track.
A quick stop for some over-the-counters.
Not only it’s the back of the truth full, so is the back seat.

We drove to the apartment complex — hoping that we could sign a lease and get a key. No go.

I bought a blood glucose meter that uses the cell phone. I haven’t received it yet. But look what it cost AFTER coupons.             

One Item: $24.90
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Your Coupon Savings: -$2.49
Total Before Tax: $22.41
Estimated Tax:  $1.68
Collected: $0.00
Gift Certificate/Card: -$3.00
Rewards Points: -$26.16
Order Total: $4.93

The dying of the day
SLEEP: 7h 0m,
Deep Sleep: 4h 26m,
Light Sleep:  2h 34m.
At 8 a.m. Blood Pressure 160/71
Heart Rate 70 bpm,
Weight 284.5
Blood Oxygen Level 97%,
Wrist Temp: 93.74 degrees fahrenheit
I have a ganglion cyst which is more annoying than painful.
The cyst is a very common benign mass arising in the hand. The most common location is the back of the wrist. The cause of a ganglion cyst is unknown in most cases.

2021 February 02

Happy Groundhog Day!

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today. That means there will be six more weeks of winter.  Frankly, I could take six more months of this Texas winter.

Tuesday, February 02. 2021
What a beautiful dawn this morning! I’d give it two thumbs ☝ ☝ up!!!

I fried some potatoes and some apple halves in butter. Seasoned salt and pepper on the potatoes. Brown sugar and cinnamon on the apples.

Toasted spent grain beer bread went well with apples, potatoes, eggs, and hickory smoked thick sliced bacon. That’s almost a down-on-the-farm breakfast. It’s only missing biscuits and/or pancakes/ flapjacks. Perhaps some grits with creamy sausage gravy. Ya e’t yet?

More packing going on. I really need to dump this load, so I can refill the truck, empty, refill, empty, refill, empty, refill, empty, refill … ad nauseam.

I had in mind to make a cherry pie. It was going to be very simple. Open can of cherry pie filling, pour into store bought shortbread pie crust, mix up a simple crumb topping, and pop it into the oven for a little bit. Simple. Right?
Well, that is until I opened the first pie crust and found that it wasn’t so much a crust, as a pan full of crumbled bits. Second crust ditto.
Nothing to do but pull out a large round cake pan and scatter the two finely crushed pie shells in the bottom. I added some dollops of butter, some of the crumb topping, the pie filling, and the rest of the crumb topping.
I baked it until the topping browned and served it with some Cool Whip.
Not exactly what I had in mind but, all in all, not bad. Not bad at all.

SLEEP:  07h 06m,
Deep 3h 26m,
Light 3h 40m

2021 February 01

Monday, February 01, 2021

The first rays of sunshine on the front row of trees to our west. They looked more golden to the eye.

Does this mean it is Spring? We already saw robins a couple weeks ago. Trees and bushes are budding. Some even have new leaves. (The trees, not the robins.)

More boxes carried to the truck and more boxes packed. We make a good team. I assembled the boxes. Ella filled them. I sealed them and lugged them to the truck.

Lunch was porkchops, mashed potatoes, and peas. All cooked in the Instapot at the same time. It is one of those inventions like the cell phone — how did we get along without it? Seriously. Between the George Foreman Grill and the Instant Pot I do 99.9% of our cooking. The convection oven and electric tea kettle fill out the other .1%.


Monthly Vehicle Health Report
Distance driven 871 miles,
Idle time 5h 37m.
Travel time 35h 47m,
Average speed 34mph,
Max speed 75mph,
Average mpg 11, 
Battery: no alerts.
Electrical: no alerts,
Coolant: no alerts,
Wiring: no alerts,
Alternator: no alerts,
Mechanical: no alerts,
Power Train: no alerts,
Emissions: no alerts

2021 January 30

Saturday, January, 30 2021

An unpleasant looking start of the day. Wind gusts of upto forty miles per hour have things slammin’ and bangin’ around. I’m not sure what is making that racket. I’ve double checked all of the storage bay doors to be assured that they aren’t what I’ve been hearing.

Vaccination Waiting List

We received the following email. “We’ve received your request to join our COVID-19 vaccination waiting list. Thank you for your patience as we are moving through our list as quickly as possible. Family Hospital Systems.” It sounds as though we we getting closer to being offered the vaccination. I’m a little leery but will probably get it.

Question of time Day

Who is your favorite relative on my side of the family?

We will not answer that particular question here. Relatives on both sides read these posts. No sense poking that bear. 😀

Ella wanted to checkout the thrift store for furniture. I keep reminding her that we have no place to store furniture, so looking in thrift stores for them makes no sense to me. When you’re ready to buy, they may be gone.
She says, “I know that, I’m not stupid.” I’m well aware that she’s not stupid. I just don’t understand the desire to shop for what can’t be bought.
I guess the answer is somewhere in our genes. 99% of the time, if a man goes to a store, it is to buy – not shop. Whereas a woman will shop the same item in various stores before determining to buy or not buy.
In both cases men and women appear to be driven by forces from our prehistoric past.
And before y’all get bent outta shape, I know that I’m making broad generalizations that are not universal.

It actually reached 79°. We closed the door and started true AC.
Many games were played today. I won at least one.

I talked to LaTisha (spelling?) at Hills of Leander Apartments. She is the one to whom we gave all of our paper work. However, she is only a temp. The manager was in meetings all day Friday and will not be in the office until after 9 on Monday. That means we are not moving in January. We are now praying for February first.

Sundown was a lot clearer the sunup.

Sleep: 7 hours and 5 minutes. 1 hour and 49 minutes of deep sleep, 5 hours and 26 minutes of light sleep, plus 3 minutes awake around 4 a.m.
Weight:  284.5 pounds